• July 16 Only

    Science and Seamanship

    on the Inland Seas Schooner

    @ Detroit Yacht Club

    Come experience sailing and the Great Lakes in this one of a kind event

  • One Day - Two Events to Choose From

    Choose your adventure - All proceeds go to support youth sailing and education

    July 16 @ 6:30 Science+Stewardship Sunset Social
    Enjoy an evening cruise with friends and refreshments aboard the 70' Schoolship Schooner. Inland Seas staff will provide a fun and educational look at the waters of the Great Lakes it's history and its health.

    Participants will also get to examine specimens from the day's earlier research and also take part in a secchi disk reading measuring water clarity and health. Participants get to be crew as they helps trim sails and helm the schooner as they take in the evening. Guaranteed to give you an experience you won't soon forget.

    6:30 pm Arrival
    7:00 Departure
    9:00 Return

    $30 per person
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    July 16 @ 1:15-5:15 NextGen Seamanship & Stewardship Sail
    Suitable for folks of all ages, participants embark on a 2.5 - 3 hour science and stewardship excursion aboard the 70' Inland Seas Schooner.

    In the first part of the session, participants rotate through 4 stations gathering samples and examining water quality, plankton, fish, and the benthos. A fifth station focuses on navigation and geographic significance of the river and Great Lakes.

    In the second portion of the sail, participants become crew and set sail and take the helm as they navigate the schooner along the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair.

    $30 per person
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    All options are out of stock
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  • Promoting stewardship of the Great Lakes

    through hands-on experience

    The MUDJ Sailing Team partners with Inland Seas Education Association to create a one of a kind learning experience

    What It Is

    The MUDJ Sailing Team partners with the Inland Seas Sailing Education Association for a one day event aboard its Schoolship Schooner. On July 16, the Inland Seas Schoolship Schooner will be on hand to conduct an afternoon and evening cruise from the Detroit Yacht Club venturing up the Detroit River and Lake St.Clair.

    What Goes On

    Participants become scientist sailors and assist seasoned instructors with sample collection directly from the lake, including up-close interactions with fish, plankton, organisms from the bottom of the lake, and water quality testing. They also get a chance to raise sails and even drive the 45 ton, 70' long, tall-ship.

    Science+Stewardship Sunset Social

    The evening of July 16, join special guest aboard the Schoolship for a sunset cruise and examination of the day's research plus some terrific insight into the Great Lakes and the body of water that gives Detroit its name.

  • Event Details

    A Little about the day's event

    Venue: The Detroit Yacht Club

    Sailing from Belle Isle in the heart of the Detroit River

    The Inland Seas Schooner will depart from Main Dock of the Detroit Yacht Club. Participants will be registered in advance and given instructions on how to get to Main Dock. The DYC does not accept cash so bring a credit card if you would like to purchase food, beverage or swag.


    Two Events - July 16 ONLY

    Afternoon Session:

    1:15 pm Arrive @ DYC Main Dock

    1:45 pm Depart

    5:15 pm Return


    Evening Session:

    6:30 pm Arrive @ Main Dock

    7:00 pm Depart

    9:00 pm Return

    The Vessel: The Inland Seas Science Ship

    A genuine great lakes tall-ship schooner

    This schooner has been converted to include a full functioning bio-lab and outfitted with equipment for collecting environmental samples. Home port is Sutton's Bay Michigan, north of Traverse City.

  • Questions, Comments and More

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